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3D Data Viewer Released

The Center for Earthquake Engineering Simulation at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute in collaboration with the NEES site at Oregon State University and NEESComm are pleased to announce the release of 3D Data Viewer Version 2.  3D Viewer is a visualization and data analysis program that works with three dimensional models and sensor configurations to provide an intuitive method for visualizing and analyzing data.  The tool is intended to be simple to use, making it a useful educational tool in addition to a research tool.  3D Viewer also allows for fast data analysis, intuitive representation of complex models, and easy collaboration.  3D Viewer can be used for physical models of centrifuge tests, full scale tests, field tests, etc.

Version 2 of 3D Viewer has seen a number of major improvements.  Model creation has been greatly simplified by adding support for Collada files created in Trimble Sketchup.  Models can now be created graphically, increasing the speed with which users can get to visualizing and analyzing their data.  This capability is the biggest improvement in usability since Version 1.

Other improvements include a migration from an old, outdated 3D engine to the current, native, Java3d API.  This provides greater stability and the ability to extend the program with more features in the future.  3D Viewer can also import sensor configurations from text files, providing the capability of using different senor configurations with the same model.  These text files along with model files and data files can now be opened from NEESHub, increasing the collaborative value of the tool.  The 3D Viewer model editor has been resurrected and improved allowing on the fly changes to models opened in 3D Viewer.

In conjunction with the release of Version 2 of 3D Viewer, the Center for Earthquake Engineering Simulation conducted a hands-on webinar to introduce interested people to 3DDV on January 25, 2013.  This webinar included:

  • An introduction to 3D Data Viewer
  • A hands on Sketchup tutorial building a model for use in 3D Data Viewer
  • A hands on tutorial using 3D Data Viewer to include the following features:
    • Model import and data association
    • Plots and visualization
    • NEESHub integration
    • Sensor ingestion
    • Model Editor
  • Demonstration of 3D Viewer with real experimental data.

You can view the recording of the webinar here. If you have any questions about using 3D Viewer with your research, please contact Inthuorn Sasanakul (sasani@rpi.edu).

For more information, downloads, tutorial video, screenshots, and example files, please visit the 3D Viewer Webpage (http://www.nees.rpi.edu/3d-data-viewer/) or NEES Tool Page (http://nees.org/resources/3DDV).

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