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The 3D Data Viewer (developed by CEES at RPI in collaboration with NEES@Oregon State) is a tool specially designed to display both 3D models as well as 2D plots side by side.

Although this tool can be used for simple 3D visualization, the 3D Data Viewer really shines when used to organize data from various sources which can be represented in 3D space.

At CEES we run tests on geotechnical models with dozens of sensors embedded within the model capturing thousands of data points. To organize all that data we display a virtual representation of the physical model and make the sensors interactive elements so the user can select them and plot their data. This aids tremendously in organizing the data and getting a good high-level understanding of the test results.

Sample Files
Screen Shots
Tutorial Video
Webinar Recording

Features at a Glance

  • Use Trimble Sketchup to create 3D drawing
  • Load Sketchup drawing into 3D Data Viewer and tie to experimental data
  • Rotate, zoom, pan, view sensor data
  • Plot data acquired from sensors; overlay plots for comparison

Recent Feature Additions

  • NEESHub integration
  • In application model editor
  • Sensor ingestion from text files

Source Code

The 3D Data Viewer’s source code is available under the LGPL license

  •  View the source code.
  • Checkout the source code: svn checkout https://nees.org/tools/3ddv/svn/trunk 3ddv


The 3D Data Viewer can be used freely provided you do not use it for commercial purposes. This software is provided as is and you bare the entire risk of using it. By using this software you are agreeing to indemnify and hold CEES and its affiliates harmless from any claims arising from or relating to your 3D Data Viewer usage. In no event shall CEES or its affiliates be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages relating or arising from the 3D Data Viewer and your usage of it



Sample Data

The following files need to be unzipped prior to use.  Each contains a .skp sketchup model as well as a .dae and .txt or .csv data file for use within 3ddv.

3DDV Downloads


Mac OS X


Contact Us

Your comments, bug reports and assistance are always welcome. Please contact us by email using thomaj11 at rpi dot edu for any correspondence.


Click a screenshot for example files of the model shown.







3D Viewer Tutorial Video


You may prefer to download the video to watch in your favorite video player for better clarity.  You can download the video in mp4 here.

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