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CE Instrumentation & Sensors Course

Course Overview

The Civil Engineering Instrumentations & Sensors Course, taught by Professor Mourad Zeghal, is offered during the fall semester annualy. Its description (from the RPI Course Catalog):

“Various experimental techniques for the collection and analysis of laboratory and field data. Theory and application of electrical resistance strain gages and other data gathering equipment are introduced. Students are also introduced to the concepts involved with the interfacing of personal computers to machines for data acquisition and control.”

Term Project

Among the various course projects, students get the opportunity to participate in a geotechnical hands-on term project.

The project breakdown:

  • Two groups (7 students each)
  • Two tests were conducted at 1-g level
  • The DAQ of the centrifuge was used to acquire data (strains & displacements)
  • Collected measurements were used by the students to estimate p-y curves of soil-pile system


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