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Dr. Inthuorn Sasanakul

Published on January 7, 2013 by in Personnel

Dr. Inthuorn Sasanakul is a Research Assistant Professor and manages the NEES Geotechnical Centrifuge Facility at RPI. Dr. Sasanakul teaches advanced soil mechanics and organizes an annual centrifuge research and training workshop. She has expertise in geotechnical centrifuge modeling, specializing in soil dynamics, soil characterization, instrumentations, and behavior of soils, and soil-structure systems that are subjected to earthquakes and other natural hazards. Dr. Sasanakulā€™s research includes work on advance soil testing using resonant column and torsional shear devices, centrifuge modeling of New Orleans levees and T-walls system, centrifuge soil model characterization using bender element, CPT, and T bar, and centrifuge modeling of contaminant migration through soil cement barriers.

Further information can be found on Dr. Sasanakul’s Faculty Page.

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