2 Axis Loading System


The Center for Earthquake Engineering Simulation has recently commissioned a new force controlled loading system for use on our 150 G-ton geotechnical centrifuge. The centrifuge loading system is capable of translating 600mm in the X axis in flight, and performing force controlled motions in the Z axis anywhere along this path. The loading system can be indexed to one of 5 different Y positions before each flight. The loading system is capable of producing static forces, as well as controlled cyclical loading of various shapes. The loading system provides the researcher the ability to apply closed loop controlled vertical forces, as well as much larger forces than are possible with the 4 axis displacement controlled robot.


Pulling force range 0 to 10kN.
Pushing force range 0 to 30kN
Force command resolution (F.S.) 0.01%
Force loop bandwidth 15Hz
Total vertical travel 350mm
Maximum operating acceleration 100G
Number of position on cross beam (manual) 3
Indexing step distance 100mm
Travel range 600mm
Position command resolution ±.1mm
Position repeatability ±.1mm
Humidity 10 to 99%
Operating temperature 10 to 50°C
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