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4 Degree of Freedom Robot



The in-flight robot is designed to perform multiple tasks while the centrifuge is spinning. The robot is capable of articulating in three linear dimensions and rotating around one axis. The robot can carry several tools that aid in executing various tasks. These include:

  • In-flight sand and clay model construction
  • Ground excavation
  • Injection of contaminants or chemical stabilizers
  • Placement of soil reinforcement in clay slopes
  • Pile driving, static cone penetration and vane in-situ testing
  • Use of static/cyclic/dynamic loading devices

The ability to conduct these field operations in-flight increases the accuracy and realism of the experiment. Researchers may fabricate custom tools to use with the in-flight robot.





Feature X Y Z Θ
Stroke 0.4 m 0.4 m 0.35 m ± 175°
Max. Speed 10 cm/s 10 cm/s 5 cm/s 5°/s
Load Capacity ± 1000 N ± 1000 N ± 5000 N ± 5 nm
Driving Mode AC servo motor and brake AC servo motor and brake AC servo motor and brake Rotary actuator and digital servo
Accuracy ± 1.0 mm ± 1.0 mm ± 1.0 mm ± 0.5°

Pincer Tool

CPT Tool

Custom Tool

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