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Current Projects

Levee Video Game

levee-game-posterMixed Reality and Mobile Gaming for 21st Century Engineering Education

Principal Investigators: Tarek Abdoun, Victoria Bennet


Monopiles (2013-2014)

monopile-project-photos-2014Effectiveness of Hybrid Foundations for the Development of Offshore Wind Towers

Principal Investigators: Fani Gelagoti (NTUA), Rallis Kourkoulis (NTUA), Ioannis Anastasopoulos (University of Dundee)


TUES Education (2011-2014)

Tues Ed

A Multi-Institutional Classroom Learning Environment for Geotechnical Engineering Education

Principal Investigator: Usama El Shamy
Co-principal Investigators: Tarek Abdoun, Miguel Pando, Flora McMartin


Shallow Soil Improvement for Rocking Foundations (2011-2013)

Soil-foundation structure systems beyond conventional seismic “Failure” thresholds: Application to new or existing structures and monuments

Principal Investigators: Ioannis Anastasopoulos, Tarek Abdoun


T-Wall (2012-2015)

Modeling of Downdrag Bending Moments in Floodwall Support Piles

Principal Investigators: Tarek Abdoun, Inthuorn Sasanakul, Anthony Tessari


Tailings (2012-2014)

A physical modeling study of sloping mine tailings

Principal Investigators: Tarek Abdoun, Inthuorn Sasanakul


Past Projects

Advanced Site Monitoring (2008-2014)

Site Monitoring

NEESR-II: Advanced Site Monitoring and Effective Characterization of Site Nonlinear Dynamic Properties and Model Calibration

Principal Investigator: Mourad Zeghal
Co-Principal Investigators: Tarek Abdoun, Anirban De


Intensity Measures (2010-2014)

Intensity Measures

NEESR-CR: Evolutionary Intensity Measures for More Accurate and Informative Liquefaction Hazard Evaluation

Principal Investigator: Steve Kramer
Co-Principal Investigator: Kenan Hazirbaba


Rock-Slope Failure (2010-2014)

Rock Slope Failure

NEESR-CR: Seismically Induced Rock-Slope Failure: Mechanisms and Prediction

Principal Investigator: Joseph Wartman
Co-principal Investigator: Mary MacLaughin


Wind Towers (2011-2014)

Wind Towers

NEESR-CR: Capacity and performance of foundations for offshore wind towers

Principal Investigator: Giovanna Biscontin
Co-principal Investigators: Charles Aubeny, Ramalingam Radhakrishnan


Pile Foundations (2006-2014)

Pile Foundations

NEESR-SG: Experimental and Micromechanical Computational Study of Pile Foundations Subjected to Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spreading

Principal Investigator: Ricardo Dobry
Co-principal Investigators: Tarek Abdoun, Mourad Zeghal, Sabanayagam Thevanayagam, Ahmed Elgamal, Usama El Shamy


Retaining Wall (2010-2011)

Retaining Wall

Seismic Isolation of Earth Retaining Structures Using EPS Geofoam – Centrifuge Testing

Principal Investigator: Adda Athanasopoulos-Zekkos


Soil-Culvert Interaction (2010-2011)

Soil Culvert

Centrifuge Tests for Static and Seismic Soil-Culvert-Interaction (SCI) of Square Box Culvert Inside a Dry Cohesionless Soil

Principal Investigator: Hesham El Naggar


Soil Improvement (2007-2011)

Soil Improvement

NEESR-SG: Soil Improvement Strategies to Mitigate Impact of Seismic Ground Failures via Novel Integration of Experiment and Simulation

Principal Investigator: Scott Olson
Co-Principal Investigators: Youssef Hashash, Carmine Polito


Earthquake Damage to Pipelines (2005-2009)

Pipeline Damage

NEESR-SG: Evaluation of Ground Rupture Effects on Critical Lifelines

Principal Investigator: Michael O’Rourke
Co-principal Investigators: Michael SymansTarek Abdoun


Delayed Landslides (2006-2008)

Delayed Landslides

CAREER – Seismically Induced Delayed-Landslides in Homogeneous Cohesive Slopes and Embankments

Principal Investigator: Joseph Wartman


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