Home Projects Rock-Slope Failure (2010-2013)

Rock-Slope Failure (2010-2013)

NEESR-CR: Seismically Induced Rock-Slope Failure: Mechanisms and Prediction

Principal Investigator: Joseph Wartman (University of Washington)

Co-principal Investigator: Mary MacLaughin (Montana Tech of The University of Montana)

The research plan was formulated to meet two overarching goals of the project: (1) to gain an improved understanding of rock-slope failure mechanisms and processes via a fully integrated program of centrifuge modeling and numerical simulations, leading to (2) the development of data and simulation-driven practical guidelines and refined predictive analysis procedures for assessing seismic rock-slope hazards. A series of preliminary simulations will first be performed to aid the experimental design of the centrifuge tests. A more comprehensive series of model-calibrated simulations will then be performed after each of the centrifuge tests is completed. Formulation of guidelines and prediction tools will occur in the final stage of the project.

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