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Wind Towers (2011-2014)

NEESR-CR: Capacity and performance of foundations for offshore wind towers

Principal Investigator: Giovanna Biscontin (Texas A&M University)

Co-principal Investigators: Charles Aubeny (Texas A&M University), Ramalingam Radhakrishnan (Prairie View A&M University)

Wind Turbines

In the last few years, interest has been increasingly focused on alternative and renewable sources of energy. Wind energy as an alternative to fossil fuels is receiving close attention while the number megawatts produced has been rapidly increasing. In many locations in the United States and internationally, construction of onshore wind farms has raised environmental and aesthetic concerns. In addition, the terrestrial wind cycle and the daily energy use cycle are not well matched, with peak winds occurring when the energy demand is at its lowest, requiring the development of energy storage strategies and devices. On the other hand, offshore wind farm development can avoid most of the aesthetic issues, with the added benefit of stronger and sustained winds at lower heights and more aligned wind and usage cycles.

The goal of this project is to evaluate the most effective foundation system for offshore wind towers by examining the performance of different systems when the structure is subjected to both wind and wave loading.

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